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Focusing on the Right Things

I read a post recently by an unknown source which read “Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase”.

I love this quote because it depicts an image to help us take one step at a time, not feel too overwhelmed of the huge task ahead and break a huge goal or aspiration down into small bites or steps in this case.

I use driving analogies a great deal with clients, and one example of this is explaining that our journey is like driving a car. We decide on our destination and drive to our destination. At night we put our dipped headlights on. This enables us to see a short way ahead. However, by putting on the full beam headlights we can see much farther than before, noticing the bends, obstacles in the road and any signs that may spell danger or beware.

This quote is great in that we need to look down, focus, be strategic by dealing with the most important jobs and tasks that will get us where we want to go. However, we need to look up and look ahead also to see where we are going.

I will often ask clients to jot down the ten key tasks or jobs they might do everyday in their work or business. I can almost guarantee that the last three are the most strategic and these are the ones that are put on the back burner where we procrastinate the most.

There is another saying. How do you eat an elephant. The answer being in small bites. We do need to have big goals, and huge aspirations otherwise we’ve nothing to aim for right? Having these keeps us motivated and inspired which is great. However, we have to break these down and take one step at a time to enable us to manage ourselves more effectively.

A common thing I hear from clients is that they don’t feel productive at the end of the day. They feel their day has been wasted on trivia where they’ve been distracted or put out fires for someone else.

It’s so hard to keep on track. Life isn’t a staircase where we just climb the steps one at a time with a clear path. It’s often split with different paths, obstacles in the way and bumps in the road. These throw us off track and we find ourselves going up the wrong staircase, along the wrong road, and down a path we never intended.

So if you want to focus on the right things, keep on track, streamline every day and ensure you are dealing with important tasks and not unimportant jobs, please do consider having an accountability buddy.

This could be in the form of a business coach and mentor or a personal life coach. Success Factor provides both.

As we near the end of the year, thinking about next year and a new beginning and focusing on the right things, start the year positively by engaging Success Factor today. Debs will hold your hand along the way or give you the nudge you need to reach your destination and achieve your goals.

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