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Focusing on the Solution not the Problem

As Winston Churchill was quoted as saying “Bring me the solution not the problem” is a great reminder to only focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want.

This year we are and have been in the midst of the worst situation globally in our lifetime, and this can knock us off kilter causing us to spiral into negativity which can only take us down a path of self-destruction.

However, it’s easy to say, snap out of things, and focus on the positive or the solution not the problem, but if only it were that simple.

We know and understand that by having a positive attitude and concentrating on abundance can help us switch us from a more positive to negative mindset, but how can we do that when we’re surrounded by negativity, continued uncertainty with no end in sight.

Here are some tips to help you become more solution-focused:

Self-belief – if we believe in ourselves and focus on what we can do well, do now, do soon and in the future, we can plan steps for the short to mid-term. These small steps when broken down into doable and achievable tasks inserted into our days will seem less overwhelming and feel manageable

Focus expert – It is a known fact that what we spend more time doing will eventually build upon our knowledge, experience and skill. By focusing on a problem or problems, we can become an expert in problems, however if we want to become an expert on solutions, we need to spend more time and energy into solving the problem and find new and creative ways of overcoming the current situation.

Adversity – There is a saying ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’. There’s an element of truth in this, in that the more hardship we experience we will either sink or swim, we decide to fight or take flight. We can view things as being a challenge or an obstacle. Whilst this is as much about mindset, it’s as much about looking back at how we’ve managed in the past when we’ve been faced with difficulties. What helped us through. Consider who and what might help us; this may be friends, colleagues or emotional or practical support like meditation or engaging a business or life coach.

Listen – We need to keep our ear to the ground to keep up to speed with what’s happening locally, nationally and internationally, however, it’s also about mixing and mingling and spending time with people with a positive ‘can do’  attitude. By spending time listing to positive people with a powerful mindset can sometimes be just the tonic we need. Avoiding people with pessimistic views, negative mindsets can drag us down and make us feel like giving up; so cast out those negative nellies and bring forth the positive pansies to help us listen to things that will help us not hinder us.

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