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Frame Your Work!

Frame Your Work!

Have you ever thought that things we can think of a strength are often a weakness? Take being a multi-tasker for example, we call it juggling many balls in the air. However, this is a great strength to have if being a finisher is also part of that strength. What is the point of having all these great ideas, jobs or tasks on the go at the same time if we don’t finish them, and worse still if we don’t finish them on time.

We are all busy people, whether working for an employer or ourselves, but being able to sustain this over long periods isn’t healthy or productive.

Here are some 6 tips on how to become more productive, creating new and effortless habits.

  1. Prioritise and group what you do

Many of the tasks we do are similar or routine. Improve your work-flow by grouping these together and prioritising them.

  1. Focus on the detail

There is a time for big picture thinking and a time for small picture thinking. To be a finisher we must limit one and focus on the other.

  1. Concentrate on what you can do

To enable us to keep focused we must concentrate on the job in hand and do it and not be tempted to think about blue sky ideas.

  1. Develop a routine

Many people shy away from this word and see it as being dull, monotonous, boring, but it is the complete opposite. A routine helps us keep to task, finish the job and feel we have been productive

  1. Determine your place

In this high technology world where we can be reached 24/7 with numerous devices, we become tempted to react and respond. Having a work place – a work time – a work space will give us ‘permission’ only to work in that place, space or time

  1. Being a perfectionist

Guilty as charged! However, spending too much time on details can be a time-waster taking our focus away – be realistic rather than pedantic.

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