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Get Ready – Get MIND Set – Get Go PACE

Do you often feel like you’re in a race, or that the race is the wrong one for you, or you’ve started the race on the backfoot, or the race is never-ending and can’t find the finish line?

I have! Have you?

I have recently undertaken to participate in a local Park Run. The Park Run is 5kms and I am not a runner, I don’t particularly like running; walking YES, running, NO!

I part jogged, part ran on my first race. For the second race, I decided to use a different strategy. I would jog faster, with fast walks in between. My time was no faster, in fact slower, ending up finishing completely out of breath and more tired than the first time, as I was unable to sustain the fast walks between jogs.

I decided yet another strategy was called for in my third race.

This time I wasn’t going to focus on finishing as quickly as I could, but to pace myself and focus on continuous pace rather than the quickest pace. I wanted to change my mind set to only keeping a steady pace and managing my breath. What is the saying? Better late than never? My focus was ONLY on maintaining a slow jog for the WHOLE race and managing my breath, not overdoing it but taking it at a manageable pace.

My strategy worked. I focused on keeping my pace steady, managed my breathing, not what pace others were doing, only focusing on myself. I did not get out of breath, achieving my personal best! I felt good!

We can apply this same principle in our everyday lives, in our work and business.

Next time you want to get in a race, firstly check a few things.

Make sure you’re in the right race, that although you want to finish the race, you aren’t necessarily out to win, but to get to the finish line in a good frame of mind, and not out be out of breath. A bit like the hare and the tortoise.

Consider: Get Ready – Get MIND Set – Get Go PACE!

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