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We’re Going On a Bear Hunt!

I was recently made aware of a children’s book called ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rossen, and this made me think about how this relates to us in our adult lives.

The children’s book is portrayed as an exciting and thrilling adventure with a success of sorts at the end, which is scary and frightening but exhilarating at the same time.

This made me think that this is what we do all the time in our personal or professional lives.

In the book, the challenges are getting through long grass, a big river, thick mud, deep forest, cold snowstorm and a dark cave before the bear is seen!

What I particularly loved about the challenges in the book, was how they were portrayed in overcoming such ‘obstacles’. There were 3 choices to go over it, under it or through it! And of course, none of the above were able to go over or under so the children had to go through it.

Isn’t this what we do in our lives all the time?

We see and come across challenges, obstacles and barriers, deal with confidence or self-esteem issues, problems large and small all the time.

We have choices, don’t we?

We, like the children in the book, can’t go over them, or under them, but we can go through them.

Why can’t we deal with these in the same way as the book, see them as an exciting challenge and consider our options on how we may be able to overcome them, either over, under or through, and in most, if not all cases, we just have to go through it and get through it.

However, to do this, we need to look at these perceived obstacles and barriers, and that’s what they often are, perceived, and tackle them with excitement and eagerness, like we used to do as children, when we thought nothing could stop us, or hurt or harm us! We just wanted to ‘hunt the bear’!

Maybe you could go on a bear hunt, and think about your challenges being long grass, cold river, thick mud, deep forest, cold snowstorm or dark cave, remembering what’s at the other end – what you’re after!

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