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Habit Breaker or Creator?

  • Are you a creator or breaker of habits?
  • Do you have bad habits you want to be rid of?
  • Do you have good habits you wish you had more of?

Maybe the focus of how you’ve been trying to change your habits needs to be different.

We seem to attract, develop and embed bad habits all the time and so very easily. And yet the good habits or positive and healthy habits we want to adopt, we don’t seem to be able to incorporate into our daily lives.

Isn’t this just so aggravating?

Maybe a different approach would be easier. If we instead, stopped focusing on what we want to stop or do less of, and instead focus on what we want to start, wouldn’t that be a more positive approach?

Perhaps you could consider the ONE small habit you would like to introduce to your day. This new habit needs to be the easiest one possible. Something that would make you feel positive, motivated and excited even about starting something that’s a great step in the right direction.

This could be a work or personal habit. It would be a healthy or fitness habit. It might be something you’ve been meaning to do for months or even years but never gotten around to it!

Now is the time to make the change.

Decide what it is you want to do and then decide when you are going to do it. Pick a time that’s going to make it simple and easy for you.

Remember that to keep a new habit can take 6-8 weeks to become a normal part of our day. To help us with introducing this new positive habit, perhaps you could think about other things you do every single day without fail. Often these things are around our ablutions. They are ingrained in our day, something we do without thinking. We want our new habit to become ingrained in us like this.

Perhaps consider bolting on this new habit onto something that’s a habitual ritual so we can do this before or after. This is a great starter and a really easy approach to start adopting new habits.

Once you’ve mastered this first one and feel confident you can incorporate another new habit you could start with considering your next one.

If finding time is a problem, which it eventually will be, this is where you have a great opportunity to lose one of those bad habits. Replacing the new habit with the bad habit at this time might feel easier as you’ve already had the great experience with your first one.

Give it a go and see if you can develop some great new positive habit.

Be a creator of new habits rather than the breaker of bad habits – you’ll be surprised at how this approach can be easier than you think!

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