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Habits for Success!

Do you often have that feeling of ‘why’ do I do this and ‘what’ made me do that, or ‘how’ could I have reacted in that way?

As a business coach and mentor probably one of the most common words I use is ‘why’!

If we asked ourselves what stops us achieving, doing things we’ve dreamed off, taking ourselves outside our comfort zone, we would have to admit it’s nearly always us! We limit ourselves by telling ourselves we can’t do something, or good things never happen to us, always to others. This continued negative belief creates barriers to us even trying let alone achieving.

I thought it might be helpful to share FOUR insightful questions you could ask yourselves to establish your habits for success.

1. Self-Sabotage – Do you? How often? Why?

Instead, ask yourself what you could do instead to break the pattern, to create a different outcome. We limit ourselves for fear of becoming successful, scared we will fail at the last minute. We need to see what the patterns of our past are, understand them so we can change them to create a better outcome.

2. Important and Missing – Do you know? If not, why?

Reflect quietly what is important to you, for you and why. Consider what is missing from your life, why, what do you want more of and how might you fill this gap? Sometimes it’s important to start with us first to identify what we want, why do we want it and why we haven’t already got it? What is it that’s stopped or hindered us? What can we do to fill that void and what will that give us?

3. Relationships – How do you foster the relationship with yourself and others?

Spend time connecting with yourself, listening to your surroundings. Reflect on how well (or not so well) you foster your relationship with others, personally and at work or in businesses. How can this be improved? Is it working and why do you need this relationship? Is it mutually beneficial and are both parties getting everything they want; is there something else that needs to be done? You can drive this forward to make the best of each relationship, even the one with yourself!

4. Being the best – What would set you up for success? 

This could be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, learning a new skill or system. What can you ‘feed’ yourself that will fulfil your needs to get you where you want to be? Consider what it is you already know, tools you already have, strategies you’ve been given but never used; these are great resources you have to hand which can provide you with the leverage you need to take that first step on your journey to success. You can be the best, you just need to create it, believe it and aim for it!

Over to you now!

Just pick one, you don’t need to do them in that order or do them all. Why not pick one to get you started, consider the one that is easiest for you, or would give you the best outcome, the one that would make that significant difference to you moving forward to achieving.

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