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Have a Dream – Start with a HUG!

A HUG is a Huge Unbelievable Goal.

I am sure you’ve all heard of big hairy audacious goals or B-HAG?

These are usually defined as a something a business or organisation might ultimately strive for. Something that’s clear and compelling that the whole team can get behind and work towards.

They are designed to change how we do business, achieving the impossible, taking us out of our comfort zone, having a long-term commitment.

However, recently I came across something I liked even better!

A HUG! A huge unbelievable goal!

  • Doesn’t this sound much better?
  • Isn’t this something we can all relate to?
  • Might this be something we can more easily remember and aspire to?

If we wanted to break down what a HUG really is, we would need to do the following:

Determine what it is you really want – This can be quite hard for some, and very hard for others. Usually time prevents us from really delving into this as deeply as we might want to. However, if we take time out to consider what it is we really want and why, we can start to become clearer about where we are going

Determine what you want to achieve – Aim to focus on your commitment ensuring you can make it fun, use your imagination, thinking outside the square and most of all avoiding distractions to help keep you motivated

Think big – We dream of things because we are thinking BIG, whether it’s a HUG or a B-HAG, we need to ensure we take a ‘helicopter view’ by trying to stand back and consider the bigger picture, try to think objectively where you can and focus long-term into the future and where you see you are in ‘x’ amount of years’ time

Taking time out of your day – Like most people, time is precious, and to take time out to focus on mid or long-term is often something some would argue ‘ain’t never gonna happen’ – but hey if you don’t do this you will never grow, never achieve your goals or your dreams. Somehow you need to make sure you find the time

Be SMART – When we develop our HUG or B-HAG we need to break this down into SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound). Two things we should always attach to them is WHY we want to achieve this goal – WIIFM (what’s in it for me) syndrome AND a personal positive affirmation we can regularly refer to that will remind us why we are doing this.

Find time to DREAM and start with giving yourself a great big HUG today and follow the steps above and see where it takes you!

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