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Life Coaching! What’s it All About Then?

What is life coaching all about?

So often I watch people’s eyes glaze over with the mention of life coaching, business coaching or personal coaching because I recognise people either wonder what it’s all about or how can coaching of any kind help them. Invariably I’ve heard people say “I don’t have time….” or “yes I would like to have coaching soon…”

If not NOW when?

It’s interesting that in the sporting world, a tennis player not having a tennis coach or a football player not having a football coach would be unheard of, but for the most part, if you ask someone if they have a life, business or personal coach, they would probably answer no!

So why is that? Why do we feel that not having a coach is the right thing? Why do we feel that we don’t need one? Why do we feel that it’s not the right time now? Why do we feel, we can manage, and trudge on regardless?

Well I feel the reason why I believe most people haven’t considered coaching, and that is in many cases, people don’t understand exactly what it’s all about, or don’t feel they need one, or that they are managing perfectly well, thank you very much…

So let me ask you these questions:

  • Do you have personal or business goals?
  • Do you even know what your goals are?
  • Have you written your goals down?
  • Do you know the steps you need to take to reach your goals?
  • Do these goals have clear and achievable timescales and deadlines?
  • Are you on your way to achieving your goals?

Someone recently said to me “I have dreams not goals” without realising that with a little bit of determination dreams can become a reality, YOUR reality.

Some say things like “just put your goals ‘out there’ and they will happen”, BUT unless you take active steps they never will. We all have to make them happen.

Someone once said “A goal is a dream with a deadline” You can make your dream a reality.

So.. what’s is life, personal or business coaching about then?

10 Top Reasons Why Life Coaching works.

  1. Helps you find your own answers and solutions using your own resourcefulness
  2. You receive support in a positive way
  3. The focus is on your individual needs with the ultimate goal being to achieve results
  4. Provides guidance pointing you in the right direction to find your own way to success
  5. Sessions are motivational and inspiring
  6. Helps you to apply positive tactics to become self-reliant
  7. Enables you to develop your own self-belief
  8. Identifies obstacles or barriers blocking your road to success or self-fulfillment
  9. The experience is empowering and inspirational – you walk away feeling better about yourself
  10. You gain a clearer picture of your situation, where you want to go in your life or career

A client recently said to me: “Your skilful advice and encouragement is giving me tools to change my life significantly.”

So what are you waiting for?

You can help you change your life by working together to make a difference

Success Factor has affordable packages for you right now.

Start making a difference in your personal and business life now

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