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Helping You To Make That Change!

  • Are you feeling stuck or stressed with your present situation?
  • Are you dissatisfied or disappointed about how things are you for you right now?
  • Are you avoiding the things you most need to be confronting?

Then you need to make a change, but HOW?

There are stages of change from the status quo, how things are for us right now to the NEW status quo, having made the change we want to get us from a bad position to a good position.

How might we get from our current status quo to the new status quo?

Here are some steps you might want to consider for your or your business:

  1. Current Situation – staying put – doing nothing, but is this an option? What are the consequences of not making a change and continuing doing the same thing expecting a different outcome?
  2. Introducing a new component – doing something about it, because you have no option or don’t want to continue being stuck! We do this because we are resistant to change, being unable or unwilling to explore any possibility of making a change or feeling we don’t have the capacity!
  3. Disorder or Chaos – this can often reign down on us when we know we need to move forward but unsure what to do, where to go, or how to go about it. This shift is a difficult stage for us, we can struggle with our self-belief and question everything; it’s almost as if we have moved outside our safety zone into the unknown; like moving from calm to chaos! Fear raises its ugly head as our past experiences haunt us telling us they will happen again because that’s what always happens!
  4. Explore and Normalise – this is around thinking about what we can do or could do and not necessarily doing it but just thinking through the options. Getting used to how it might feel or what it might look like when we’ve made that change, so we feel the new situation is normal.
  5. Incorporating and Amalgamating – this is where we are challenging are limiting beliefs and perceptions about ourselves, integrating the new ideas and exploring new ways of looking at our lives, our business, our situation – our lives! We start to see the positives in the changed situation and feel more energised, enthusiastic and motivated, keen to move forward and feeling positive about doing so.
  6. New Situation – this is our NEW status quo! Being in a happy place, feeling a sense of achievement that we have managed to make a real change in our lives.

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