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Home is where the heart is…

Would you agree that our home isn’t’ just a space or a place, it’s more of a feeling?

It’s a feeling of being safe, feeling secure, our sanctuary, a place where we feel we can be comfortable.

Normally our home is the first that we see in the morning and the last thing we see at night and is often the centre of our busy lives and always the place we come back to.

If we go on holiday, work away or spend long days in work, whether we move to a new house or live with different people, our home is where the heart is.

We need to remember this when we are starting to have ‘cabin fever’ or feeling ‘stir crazy’ in that being home, and staying home is our place of safety especially right now.

We may feel isolated, emotional, tearful, frustrated or even angry and fearful, however, we need to draw upon some coping strategies to help us through the change curve we find ourselves in.

We need to think about how we might deal with feelings of anxiety, fatigued, tired or lacking concentration.

When we sit outside of our routine, it disrupts our lives. During our period of lockdown, we also have the added fear of our future and where it will now lead us or look like in a year or so.

Consider building a new routine into your days, setting tasks at certain times in the day. Remembering to get some of those long-outstanding jobs done at long last. Take that exercise you never normally have time to do. Spend time doing some of things you couldn’t do before like reading books or doing a crossword, or even contacting family or friends.

If we work towards doing something each day that brings us joy, gives us that ‘feel-good’ factor, we can work our way through the lockdown coming out of it a stronger and more determined person.

Home is where the heart is, what counts is how we feel there – because our well-being matters. So, how does your home make you feel now?

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