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How aware are you about what makes you tick?

We know we have attributes and skills, however, sometimes it’s hard to determine what the difference is between them both in terms of what we can learn and what we have inherently within us.

An attribute is seen as a quality or characteristic of a person, place or thing and is seen as inherent rather than something that is taught.

A skill on the other hand is seen as something that can be learned through training and something we can improve on to better ourselves.

If skills are learned and attributes are inherent then which is called upon in the face of adversity?

At times of adversity, we need to use our resilience. This is another word which is used a great deal, and none more than the last year or so, but what does it mean and what steps or strategies can we use to help us cope?

Here are some areas you might focus on to help you be more aware of what makes you tick:

Self-awareness – Being self-aware is a great starting point. When we understand ourselves and how we operate under different circumstances, we can identify our triggers and are reactions

Social Support – At a time of crises we need our friends, family and colleagues more than ever. Rather than avoid sharing how we are coping, instead open up and see what support you might gain

SMART Planning – Failing to plan is planning to fail. We need to be thinking ahead on a regular basis so we can consider what is happening in the mid to long-term, so we are more prepared and ready. Setting time aside to develop plans is imperative

Self-Esteem – Regardless of what attributes or skills we have, when we are in the throes of adversity, we can lose our sense of direction, self-belief and confidence, feeling helpless unable to know which way to turn. Understanding ourselves better helps us develop self-help strategies

Effective Communication – When we are struggling, we often hide away, freeze, unable to do anything constructive nor communicate with others what we may need help and support in. Being able to communicate clearly and help motivate us to take positive steps

Problem-Solving – It’s at times like these we need to draw upon solution-finding, by being creative and thinking positively. This can be hard when things are bad and we are struggling, so drawing on our coping skills to empower ourselves will help

If you are not aware of what makes you tick, then consider what skills and attributes you have and understand how you can plan to be as resilient as possible so you are prepared in the tough times.

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