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How Determined Are You?

You might have your own business, or you might work for an organisation. You might be retired or just starting out in your career. You might be embarking on a new venture in your life.

BUT! How determined are you to do it and how do you keep being determined? Are you determined?

Let’s look at what determined means.

The dictionary says it’s about being strong-minded, unwavering, untiring, firm and resolute. Would you say this is you, or is this you sometimes, or only with certain things in your life? I bet you are like most of us in that you might be determined some of the time with some of the things and not with others, or that determination wavers from time to time due to other factors in our lives.

There are two sayings about determination that I really like:

“You’ve got what it takes – but it will take everything you’ve got”

We need to believe we can do what we want or need to do and not falter in our thinking and our belief in ourselves. We need to ensure that we don’t doubt ourselves for a minute, or we won’t get what we want done. And sometimes it does take every ounce of energy to do some of the things we set ourselves in our daily lives.

It’s our belief in ourselves and seeing the goal achieved that will keep us determined to get there.

“Determination is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it”

What I like about this saying is that if we really want to get the job done then we should be prepared to do it ALL, and not only the bits we like, or the easy bits, but be prepared to do the hard graft, and not give in halfway through.

To help you become determined, or more determined than you are, perhaps you could consider looking back on something you didn’t achieve either personally or professionally. Think about what stopped you, why you procrastinated, or what you found difficult. Then think about what incentives you could consider to help you if you were to do that again.

How determined are you to try this?

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