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How Do You Start Your Day?

Do you start the day with clear purpose and intentions?

Would you like to create days that will benefit you and others each day?

Let’s see how we can start new habits to begin creating a purposeful day.

Living each day with a purpose and intention allows you to navigate your day by beginning it with awareness rather than being oblivious of what the meaning of our day could be which will enable you to avoid potential knee-jerk reactions.

Instead, imagine you are driving a car, feeling in control with both hands on the wheel with a clear destination in mind.

You might start with setting an intention to connect with others or fulfil a meaning into your day.

Whatever you have in mind, starting your day the right way with a 5-10-minute session of relaxation with your eyes closed picturing what your day could and should look like.

Try focusing on the following:

Ask yourself – What’s my intention for today that will benefit me and others?

Positivity – It’s important to ensure you are keeping your thoughts positive and light and consider what qualities you want to cultivate that would be helpful for you to develop.

Qualities – Consider what qualities in yourself you are going to develop today and see how you can work on these each day; some are listed below.

Gratitude – What are you grateful for and how might your gratitude manifest itself in your actions? Starting your day from a place of being grateful for what you have and feeling good

Generosity – Consider who you might connect with to show some kindness to that will not only help them but make you feel

Patience – How patient are you normally? Ask yourself how you can become more patient and pace yourself better during the day.

Navigating difficulties – Consider what you might be able to do today given there may be some difficulties…

Checking in – Create intentions and checking in with yourself throughout the day to see if you are putting your hands back on the wheel.

Creating purpose and intention each day and starting the day with a relaxing and constructive 5-10-minute session can help enormously making you feel better mentally and emotionally.

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