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How Far Do Your Roots Stretch in Your Networks?

How far do your roots stretch in your networks?

As a business-owners, particularly as a single person enterprise we can feel quite alone and lonely. We may struggle to connect properly with others in terms of gaining support and being honest about how we’re doing and where we might need help.

We are social animals and function better in groups, gaining support, motivation and assistance from others.

We learn every day both personally and professionally. Our growth is partly dependent upon others. Those we work for, with and those who might report to us.

We rely on them and them on us in various ways. Some of these may be apparent and some less obvious.

We may even discuss what support we need or want, whilst at other times someone might just notice we need some help and make the offer.

Support provides us the sustenance to survive and thrive, sometimes the support just enables us to just carry on what we’re doing. But mostly we want to improve what we are doing and reach our goals and so we hope the support enables us to do that too!

The Californian Redwood tree grows 350 feet tall and you would think that its height would require it to have very deep roots. If I asked you how deep you think the roots should be to keep the tree from falling in the prevailing winds, I am sure you would think they should be 3 or 5 times deeper than their height. Would it surprise you to know their roots often go ONLY five or six feet deep!

How therefore do they stay upright you might ask yourself!

They thrive in thick groves where their roots intertwine and inter-fuse together. This action enables them to use the strength from each other. The tremendous strength they gain from each other enables them to withstand the forces of nature that might endure i.e. high winds and raging floods.

Might we consider using the system of the Californian Redwood by working with our networks to gain strength from each other?

Next time you are in a group or social setting, whether this is a meeting, discussion group, training or network meeting, perhaps you could consider how you might work together and more collaboratively for mutual benefit..

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