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How Focused Do You Want To Be?

  • Today is going to be different!
  • I will be more organised from tomorrow!
  • I WILL focus and not be side-tracked!

Do one or more of these statements ring true for you?

Have you been guilty of saying exactly that or similar?

Well you are not alone, but why? Why is it so hard to be focused and just get things done?

We can all be full of good intentions but for some reason as the day goes on they wane. So how can we fight being unfocused?

Here’s some helpful tips to help you be and stay focused:

  1. Define and write down your daily goals – be really clear what those daily goals are and by writing them down you are committing to them – score them off one by one as you complete them to gain that feeling of accomplishment
  2. Organise your breaks – sometimes when we get going in the morning we are ‘head down – tail up’, which is great, but we do need to have breaks, and I mean proper breaks – go for a walk, sit on a different chair in a different room, go and talk to someone – put reminders in your phone to tell you to have a break AND most importantly when to finish the break
  3. Create a personal framework – everyone has different routines, jobs, businesses, industries and commitments – we all have different levels of stamina and concentration periods – take time out to think about creating a personal framework which works for you – think about how your day went and what worked and didn’t work so you can adjust better for the next day – this may be a moving feast but taking time to get it right will be of great benefit in the long run


Being focused means: Directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim.

Think about the aim being to be more productive, earn more money, achieve your goals or attract more clients – you can do it and it’s only you who can do it! So what you waiting for?


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