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How High do you Value Yourself in Attracting Success?

Answer yes or no to the following SIX questions:

  • Do you know what your values are and are they written down?
  • Do you understand your values and what they mean to you and your work or business?
  • Do you prioritise your time regularly / daily?
  • Do you value your work or business, and understand how your work can specifically help your target market?
  • Do you value your time, and is this reflected in your daily routine?
  • Do you value yourself, and is this reflected in your personal life, work or business?  

If you answered NO to 1 or more of the above questions, follow the Success Factor 10 SIMPLE STEPS

What image do you want to project for you and your business?

  1. When feeling overwhelmed, what areas do you struggle with?
  2. What are the main problems you face in your business that use your valuable time and energy?
  3. What are the emotional pressure points you struggle with that you want to overcome?
  4. How do you celebrate your goals and achievements, or do you only focus on what you didn’t do?
  5. Are you confident that your business is working as effectively and efficiently as you would like?
  6. Are you nourishing yourself with positivity and optimism or do you starve yourself with negativity and pessimism?
  7. Does your business vision, mission and core values reflect the right image for you and your business?
  8. As our values say who we are, do you know what they are, and do you reflect on these regularly?
  9. Do you know what you want and don’t want in your life right now, and are you confident in introducing and removing these?

Ask yourself these TWO questions:

  • Are you a business owner where your main source of income comes from your business and pays for most of your expenditure?
  • Have you ever wanted or needed help, support, motivation and guidance for your business, and not known who or where to go?

Have you considered Life Coaching with a qualified coach?

If you are interested in the Success Factor Business Coaching / Mentoring Programme OR Life Coaching / Mentoring Programme please email

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