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How many holes are there in your productivity basket?

  • How Many ‘Ps’ do you have in your business?
  • How Productive are you?
  • Do you measure this?
  • If you do measure this, are you taking steps to make positive changes?

Problem – we know that if we aren’t productive, we have a problem, and if we have a problem, we can’t be productive

Plan – to enable us to deal with the problem we need to have a plan with small steps and tasks to complete

Prepare – before we tackle our plan, we need to prepare for any work that needs to be done beforehand, looking ahead for any anticipated problems

Produce – by taking small steps and actions we know that we will be able to fulfil our actions enabling us to achieve

Positive – we need to keep motivated and upbeat otherwise we won’t be able to fulfil our tasks each day

Pessimistic – we need to be able to manage those ‘down’ days, particularly when our self-confidence takes a battering

Prioritise – trying to deal with things in priority order can be a challenge, particularly when we only want to do those tasks we like rather than the jobs we know we must do

Procrastination – this is when avoidance steps in and we end up putting off those important jobs that will earn us some money if not now but at some stage

Personality – for some of us being organised comes easy, for others (and most) it doesn’t, and this comes down to us all being different, and finding the best way to be productive that suits us individually

Present – avoiding continually looking back at past mistakes or errors, being mindful of not spending too much time dreaming of our future, but focusing on the task in hand and being present in the moment enables us to avoid distractions

Prove – when we’ve spent time planning how we can become more productive we need to be able to ‘show’ how and what has worked and what hasn’t; to enable us to do this we need to monitor and review what we do and make changes where necessary

Performance – when we review what we’ve done, we can measure our performance, change our plan, move our tasks to a different day or time, even break tasks down to smaller chunks if necessary

People – sometimes we do need others to help us bring all this together; this may be a friend, colleague or an accountability buddy – some use a business coach and mentor

Provide – when we’ve followed the above and become more productive, we can produce a better service and provide our customers or clients with a great service

How many holes are there in your productivity basket?

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