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How many RE-s do you have in your New Year Resolutions?

  • How many RE-s have you got?
  • How many RE-s do you want?
  • How many RE-s are you going to introduce into your business in 2020?

Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re glad that this year is about to end, and you want a period of time and space to REcover and REcuperate, recapturing any wins you might have had to carry forward to next year.

REset; RE-arrange; RE-organise – A New Year can encourage us to REthink how we do things for the forthcoming year; being creative about what we do and why and considering if there’s another, perhaps easier way to do things

Sometimes we may feel all we’ve done is REpeat the same things in the same way; we may often feel we should RE-start, REstore or even REbuild our business to RE-invigorate how we see our business and how others may see it.

Be REflective – I’m sure like me you will be thinking back on how last year was for you and how you can make this coming year better; we may even REminisce on what went well, not so well and why; this in turn can often make us feel REstless wanting to REvitalise or REfresh our business and the way we work.

It’s important to REaffirm these in your mind, REiterating that there were successes to REmember to take forward for the new year.

RE-introducing, RE-systemisingand REvising REnews not only us but our systems, procedures and habits. These changes can REvolutionise our business and enable us to focus on the direction we are wanting.

RE-developing things in this way often only requires a minor REshuffle and a RE-position enabling us to become more REsilient enabling us to REfocus our aims or goals.

Starting the New Year may REquire you to REform; changing for the better, modernising how you do things; RE-negotiating processes, and how we do things, changing habits to find a more efficient way of doing things.

REthink your REsolutions as many times as you need to – just don’t quit..

Start the New Year afresh using as many of the RE-s you can manage!


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