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How Much FUN Do You Have!?

  • Formulate
  • Unique
  • New & Renew

It’s funny isn’t it that when we think of the word ‘fun’ we think of something that is enjoyable, something that entertains us, and something that gives us pleasure.

I see F-U-N as being an acronym that can still be enjoyable, entertain you and give you pleasure, and that’s thinking about how creative you can be either personally or in your business to ensure you are keeping ahead of your competition, or just wanting to be ahead of the game to keep up with the forever changing needs, particularly in the current climate.

Let’s look at the acronym in more detail to see how you can have fun and F-U-N!

F = Formulate

To be able to formulate something, we must first create an idea or plan of which to design or develop, and to prepare this to a standard or level we are happy with before communicating this with others so we can articulate clearly and confidently. We must carefully plan out with fine detail what we are selling or offering and determine there is a need and demand. We need to determine our niche area so we can target our message to gain the biggest impact.

U – Unique

To enable us to do the above and be creative, different and ahead of the game so we stand out from other similar businesses as ourselves, we need to show our point of difference or our uniqueness, or unique selling point (USP). To do this we need to be able to show how we can be distinguished from others and show our prospective clients how exceptional we are in our given field and that what we provide is exclusive only to us.

N= New & Renew

When we say new we don’t necessarily mean re-inventing the wheel but consider how we can provide something in a way that’s different from others, renewing existing or current services or products and giving them a refresh so they catch the eye of new clients and encourage existing clients to continue to work with us. We are constantly renewing to ensure we keep up with changes, demand and need.

Have another think about how much ‘FUN’ you have and have ‘fun’ doing it!

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