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How ‘pitted’ is your T-A-R-M-A-C?

To enable us to make progress and achieve we know we need to get results and we know we need to set goals to do this, however, if it were that simple, we would all be achieving, and we don’t.

We know if we want to get fit, we need to have a plan, make a decision i.e. join the gym, however, how many of us have joined a gym and never or hardly gone? Then we check our bank account statement and see the monthly subscription coming out every month and say, “I must get to the gym” and then we don’t!

There’s a huge gap between knowing what we want and doing it, and it’s this huge gap we need to cover or close, but how?

Perhaps you should follow the T-A-R-M-A-C steps to enable you to achieve.

T – Triggers

Sometimes before we move forward, we need to look back, reflect on where we were, where we are and how we got here. When we do this, we can see patterns and trends. These can tell us a lot and can help us identify triggers. It’s these triggers which stop or prevent us from doing the things we should be.

A – Actions

When we are aware of our triggers, we can then we can act, which means doing something about the situation and considering what we need to do and how we might avoid distractions and procrastinating. These need to be small steps to reach our goal(s).

R – Results

When we act, we are on the road to success and with success comes results and great outcomes. If we’ve followed the steps above, we can ensure we can measure our results and see how we can use these for future goals, so the steps aren’t lost.

M – Mindset

To prevent us from going off-track again and becoming distracted, we need to think differently about what we do and how we do it. Find better ways to work smarter which means changing our perception of how we see things, avoiding assumptions i.e. changing our mindset.

A – Achievements

When we follow the above steps, we will begin to feel motivated as we can ‘see’ ourselves improve and develop personally and professionally, and achieve! This is hugely empowering and gives us the inspiration to keep going and do even better!

C – Competent

If all the above steps have been followed, we know we have gained a huge amount of experience, knowledge and feel more capable with what we are doing and that we can do more than what we thought. It’s a journey not a destination.

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