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How Productive is YOUR business?

  • Are you productive in your business?
  • If not, what is it that makes you unproductive?
  • If you are, what is it that make you productive?
  • AND, how do you maintain the productivity and keep motivated?

These are all questions we hear amongst business owners – how do YOU do it? And often, we think or reflect, why can’t we be like them, how do they make it work and we can’t? What do they have that we don’t – how can they do it and us not?

Productivity means efficiency and output, and as we know, to be successful in business means the more output we have the more input we will receive.

BUT how do we go about it?

Productivity is not just efficiency and output and is much more that increasing revenue, as this only reflects the outcome or the ‘end’ result. We must analyse our business thoroughly, and we can do this through a simple SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Now, I know you won’t be jumping up and down to hear this, nor will you be rushing to pick up a pen and paper to start writing these down, you may even be stifling a yawn, BUT if we aren’t completely aware of all these areas in our business how can we be expected to be more productive!

When we are honest and clear about what we are good at, not so good at, can clearly see prospects and pressures, we at least know what we are up against.

We can see clearly where we sit in the market, the environment and how we fair in our demographic area. This process enables us to assess ourselves and our progress.

Remember that productiveness increases the overall efficiency of an organisation and we need to use all our resources to the optimum ensuring we are using them as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure we achieve the best results possible.

Successful businesses are usually the ones who make productivity a priority rather than just looking and revenue generation. A measure of a successful business is high productivity and vice versa, low productivity is usually a sign of a failing business.

What can you do to raise your productivity?

Either undertake a SWOT of your business or seek help from a business coach who can support and guide you through the process, an investment sure to give you’re a great return.

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