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How Supple is your Thinking?

Suppleness of mind enables you to have ‘double focus’ to focus on the big picture and detail at the same time. Concurrent views enable all facets to be included which can give us a huge advantage in achieving our personal or professional goals or aspirations.

Below are 9 ‘C’ ways to encourage your thinking to be more supple:

Core values

Confirm continuity


Change the game

Connect and collaborate

Communication counts

Costs and credit

Create conviction

Care for yourself and care for others

Core Values – Being clear what our personal values are enables us to also determine what our business core values are; working on both of these together will help us personally which in turn will help us stand out more in our business

Confirm continuity – Considering what marketing or promotion we want to do for our business is important, however, the key thing is consistency; if we keep active on social media for example then the continuity of our posts will start to become more visible and reach more people

Compete – We are often competing with conflicting challenges, this might be our personal goals and our business goals, trying to juggle our business and our family commitments; we need to ensure we bring about balance so we aren’t competing with ourselves personally and professionally

Change the game – If we aren’t gaining the results we need or want in our lives, then perhaps we need to change what we’re doing and what we’re thinking; changing the ‘game’ enables us to incorporate better ways of working, creating different messages and processes which can make us more productive

Connect and collaborate – It’s important for us to stay connected with others, particularly like-minded people personally and in business; this way we can be open to being more creative with potential collaborations with mutual benefit; keeping an open mind and thinking outside the square can help us work more with others and help each other and our potential clients or customers

Communication counts – Communication is important in that it needs to be clear, timely, positive and constructive; if we communicate well then it will help us engage with others more easily; we need to consider which platform to use when communicating; sometimes it’s too easy to flick off an email when a short telephone call may create a better relationship with the other person and achieve more in less time than a dozen emails, not to mention be clearer and more effective

Costs and credit – Being mindful of what we spend our money on is important, daily and in the long-term; we need to be mindful of cashflow as this helps us have a more sustainable business; being financial prudent with what we spend and what we may ‘borrow’ is important; considering all the options are important as well as being objective in our thinking so we are making the best decisions for us and our business or personally

Create conviction – How confident do you feel when communicating with others? Do you feel you are ‘selling’ yourself as best you can; how much are your valuing what you do and what you provide; are you always offering discounts or reducing rates because you don’t have the confidence to value yourself, your business and what you provide; having confidence in your own convictions is important to succeed in business and life

Care for yourself and care for others – If we don’t care for ourselves first then we can’t care for or help others; we must be very mindful of how we take care of ‘us’ first on a daily and weekly basis to enable us to consider how we are growing personally and in our work or business and how we can sustain growth, being busier and still maintaining a good and healthy work / life balance

Being supple of mind and thinking can and will help you personally and professionally.

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