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How to be a Great Business Owner

How to be a Great Business Owner

If you are a business owner or thinking about being a business owner you need to have a number of great skills to get you going and keep you going.

How do we know what these skills are and if we have them?

Below are some tips for those up and coming business owners who wish to be able to grow their business more than what they’re already doing.

  1. Organisation – As a business owner you need to be adaptable, flexible, be great at time management and organisation skills. Part of being organised is spending time ON the business as well as IN the business, and to do this it requires planning, so our organisation skills are fundamental in achieving business growth

  2. Competition – You might have a great product or service; however, you need to be able to show others how your business is different from others – what is your point of difference or unique selling point (USP). Without knowledge of who your competitors are, how can you be sure there is room for you in the market place

  3. Creative – To keep ahead of the game a business owner needs to be continually creative, thinking of new ideas whether this be a new or adapted service or product. To remain static means your business will start to fall behind your other competitors losing your foothold in the market place

  4. Focus – As a business owner, particularly a single-person enterprise, you need to be self-motivated and focused. Being able to stay on track, keeping account of your goals and actions and ensuring you are completing these. It’s so easy to get distracted particularly when we don’t like doing certain jobs within our business

  5. Customer Service – Providing a great quality service and having high standards is imperative in business. Bad news travels fast. We need to treat every customer or client as if they are the only one, they are special, they chose us rather than one of our competitors, so it’s important to respect that and give them the best service possible. A great service means repeat business.

These are all skills we can work on, and if we want help, we need to consider hiring a business coach and mentor to help us reach our full potential and grow our business.

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