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How well do we take care of ourselves?

Whether an employee, contractor or business owner we need to take care of ourselves. COVID has caused even more stress, concerns, worry that affect business owners which in turn affects employees and staff.

Worries for business owners such as competing with other businesses, surviving as a business, juggling responsibilities, growing the business, making money, attracting and retaining customers or clients are some of the highest worries.

Worries for employees and staff can be stress, managing conflicting deadlines, prioritising, concern for job security, pressure of too much work, insufficient support and lack of communication from employers.

Either way we need to provide ourselves with self-care. We know this but often ignore the worries and stress until it’s too late.

Here are some self-care tips which either as a business owner, contractor or employee you can look to incorporate these into your life to help ease stress, worry and concern and increase motivation, improve health and wellbeing.

  1. Know your triggers – Identify the warning signs of stress and try to take active steps to alleviate it. Consider using a diary or notes to track symptoms to identify patterns. If possible, use strategies and tools to manage worries and anxiety and write down your worry; put into context; create a plan
  2. Having a routine – Create a time plan or routine to schedule each week in advance, always aiming to include exercise, breaks, social activities for your wellbeing. Build in start and stop times every day; avoid weekend working and make yourself accountable – business coach & mentor
  3. Exercise & sleep – Aim to go for a walk at least once a day and exercise daily. Perhaps consider starting or restarting a hobby. Meditating is another option which can reduce stress and improve wellbeing. Aim for work-free evenings, regular bedtime routine and regular bedtime
  4. Positive talk – Start praising yourself and stop criticising yourself. Try giving yourself the same feedback you’d give a friend or colleague. Try putting mistakes into context after all we are human. Feed the positive voice – not the negative voice
  5. Have a plan – Fail to plan – plan to fail as we know so start with small steps. Develop a personal or business plan and a stress plan and find ways to keep yourself accountable. Most of all review and refine your plan regularly
  6. Work / life balance – Have clear lines between your work and your life, identify any imbalance and adjust where necessary. Focus on what you want or what you don’t want to lose i.e. hobbies, exercise, spending time with family & friends. Don’t wait until your health deteriorates before bringing balance into your life
  7. Small Tweaks – Take a fresh look at what you’re doing and why, identify what small tweaks you can make. Identify the benefits of what you are doing or could be doing, are the activities part of your personal or business plan, if not why are you doing them. Adjust rather than incorporate

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