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How well do you cope under pressure?

Are you one of those people who try to everything yourself?

Do you often pretend everything is fine when it isn’t?

It IS okay to sometimes feel frustrated or angry, remember these feelings acts as ‘wellbeing barometer’.

If we try, we can take the pressure off ourselves, particularly if we feel the pressure starting to build up.

But first we do need to acknowledge to ourselves if things aren’t right and consider how best we can help ourselves.

If you’re feeling ‘under the pump’ and pressured with how things are either at home, work or with the current environment, here are some tips you might want to consider.

  • Making time and space to reflect on things
  • If possible, try to resist negative talk or negativity
  • Work on talking positively, even if you don’t feel it, it can really help
  • Ignoring feelings you don’t like may hinder problem solving
  • We need to try acknowledging our feelings, after all, they are our feelings, and these provide us with important information
  • Try and take notice of feelings of stress within yourself; what are your personal warning signs?
  • Do you know what you might be able to do which might help to ease your stress?
  • Where possible, try and find strategies to help you reduce your stress
  • Develop and build your own ‘personal’ wellbeing policy

And remember:

  • Give yourself permission to not be at your best
  • Be kind to yourself, as well as to others
  • Look after your physical health, get sleep, and eat well
  • Take notice of small things each day that make you feel good and try and make time to do more of these things
  • Try and break that huge problem down into small doable tasks
  • Recognise and praise yourself for the small goals you achieve
  • Celebrate your wins, achievements and successes

We need to listen to our inner voice – we know we can do this.

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