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How You Can Be More accountable

How do you demonstrate that you are accountable?

There are various ways to identify and demonstrate how you are an accountable person.

Let’s just look through some of those steps.

  1. Know your role – If you understand your responsibilities and your role properly, then you can be accountable for them and to others. Knowing your role will help you to be more accountable to yourself and your team
  2. Be honest with yourself – Sometimes it’s hard to let others know that we are struggling, or we’ve messed up. However, if we put pride aside and be honest with ourselves and others, then at least we can be more accountable to ourselves and our team
  3. Apologising – We will mess up, things will go wrong and if you’re a responsible person, then part of that is to be accountable. Just apologise and let the people who need to know what’s happened, and then see how you can fix it. People will respect you more for that
  4. Time management – Using your time wisely, will help you be more productive, more efficient and more effective. If you use your time really wisely, then you will find you’ll get much more done, achieve more goals, as well as being a good role model for your team
  5. Don’t over commit yourself – If you over commit then you’re potentially setting yourself up to fail. It’s like filling your glass too full of water. If it’s too full, water will spill. We can drop the ball and things won’t get done and we can end up letting others down. Try and remember not to fill your day too full but to allow some ‘slack’ in every day to manage those things that come in from left field that can potentially affect our day
  6. Reflection – It’s really important to reflect each day on what we have done well and what we haven’t done so well and use this as a way to learn. The more we reflect the more we can adjust, revise and adjust what we’re doing and try and do those things better. When our teams see that we are reflecting and making those changes we show we are a good model for our teams

What does an accountable person look like?

An accountable person would never blame or apportion guilt onto another person. They would take responsibility for what they’ve done. They’ll likely be quite proactive and less reactive to circumstances.

Being a good example of being accountable or setting a good example of being accountable, is being really focused on achieving your goals. Being able to limit your distractions, reducing those pressures and achieving goals effectively. Then your team can see this, and that you’re setting a good example for them. Perhaps you can look through the steps above and the examples that I’ve given, and identify how much you are accountable and clarify those areas that you can work on for yourself and your team.

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