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I Should Be So Lucky!

I’m sure you will be like most people and truly believe there are lucky people in this world that just seem to have nothing but good luck all the time, with everything they touch turning to gold! Whilst the others, seem to forever have bad luck at every turn, one after the other making them feel they are a total failure.

But can we make our own luck or is it inherent in us?

What are the traits ‘lucky people’ have? Perhaps we can see if we can make some of them rub off on us, or even polish up some of those traits that we do have but haven’t made the best use of?

Now you might be one of those people who always grasps an opportunity, or you might be the person who swerves away from opportunity knocking with the fear that moving into the unknown is just a step too far.

It may be that we just don’t notice opportunities when they do come knocking. We don’t have our eyes open or our ears tuned in. We may even just be too stressed to even notice or even care if an opportunity even presented itself.

If we worked hard at being open to opportunities, spending time looking for them and noticing when one presents itself, wouldn’t we have more chance of getting lucky?

If we work hard on reducing stress and developing a relaxed attitude towards life itself and be open to possible new experiences that present themselves, we would notice them and feel more confident and comfortable taking a chance and answering the door as opportunity knocks!

When we become more relaxed and less stressed, we can tune into our inner voice and follow our instincts more easily. I’m sure most of you agree that we often have that ‘gut feel’ whether something is right or wrong. Listening to our intuition can be a life saver and help us be sure about taking those tentative steps into the door of opportunity in the search for developing our own luck.

You could be so lucky if you kept your mind open to at least considering taking some chances and by listening to your intuition you might be able to create your own luck and become one of the ‘lucky ones’.

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