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Is LIFE your teacher?

What lessons does life teach us?

If we were asked specifically about what life has taught us, what might we say?

Having given this some thought and being inspired by a colleague recently who reflected on people in his life that had played a significant part in his learning, he concluded that life was what had ultimately taught him and become the main area of his learning. He felt that the lessons he had learned and the changes he had made were a reflection that LIFE was his teacher more than a person!

This led me to think about what areas in LIFE do we learn from constantly and these were two areas I felt were relevant – you may have others:

  • Life Purpose – If we don’t have a purpose in life, goals, aspirations or a vision of where we want to be, what we want to be and even who we want to be, then how do we find our path in life? We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, we need a reason to do what we do and for the people we do things for, don’t we? What’s your life purpose? Do you have a life purpose? If you don’t, perhaps you might think about what this is and write it down somewhere where you can see it everyday and be mindful that this is your main aim or goal in life.
  • Fostering Relationships – Life’s about relationships, building them, developing them, maintaining them, nurturing them. We all need relationships, and can all learn from them, and should be able to depend on them when we need help, support, advice or guidance. Our relationships should be positive ones, ones which give us the ‘feel good’ Perhaps you might want to think about the relationships you have in your work or business life and your personal world and think about how these are helpful to you and to them. If they aren’t, then might there be some way in which to think about how each relationship could be mutually beneficial where there is always a win-win!

Perhaps a challenge for you to consider! Is life your teacher and in what way has it taught you, and what might it teach you going forward?

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