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Is Your Problem Child Your Business?

As a business owner, I find it interesting hearing other business owner’s thoughts and views about being a business owner, what it’s like and how it feels, particularly compared to their previous ‘lives’ as an employee and the difference from being in a corporate world and being self-employed.

We have this dream about being a business owner, conquering the world; being the best at what we do.

We dream of being our own boss, no-one telling us what to do, choosing the hours we want and working the days we choose.

Then of course reality kicks in and hits us just where it hurts!

The business we set up and grew, isn’t growing as we want it to, or going in the direction we saw it going. Perhaps the clients we expected to come knocking at our door are looking elsewhere.

The dream ‘child’ we imagined as a business owner, has now become a problem, a noose round our neck.

We may have committed a couple of years into the business, loads of money and now feeling disillusioned about ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our business feels like our problem child. One that we can’t abandon for fear of what people think. We might feel we are a failure, and now wondering what to do next.

After all, going back isn’t an option, and going forward just seems to hard.

If your business feels like a problem child then deal with it as you would anything else, deal with it head on.

Treat problems as challenges, after all we are never going to have a problem-free life or business; instead treat all problems as challenges and experiences that will help us grow and develop.


  • It’s not about problem solving, but getting problems get solved
  • Be creative and think of solutions to the problems
  • Turn problems into goals so they can be achieved more easily
  • Imagine you’ve achieved your goals and results will come naturally

If your business becomes a problem child, believe in yourself and become the best ‘parent’ you can ever be!

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