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It’s about the journey not the destination!

Don’t you just love that feeling of know you’re going away somewhere, perhaps travelling or on holiday or just a short break away? In our minds, we are there enjoying the destination in our minds, imaging we are there. The journey there is a means of getting to our destination rather than being a part of it.

If we think of our goals being our destination and the journey being our actions, isn’t achieving our goal dependent upon those actions? Just like getting to our destination is dependent upon the journey to get there.

For some, we just want the result, whether the goal or the destination, and just want to reach it no matter what and as quickly as we can. And sometimes if we do this, then we rush an important part of the result. This planning to get to our goal or destination is just as important and should be planned down to the tiniest detail. Why? To make sure we have taken every detail into consideration.

The more we plan, the more we will achieve a great result. The better we plan our holiday and take our travelling plans into account, the less problems we will expect to encounter.

When you go on holiday, do you enjoy the journey there, or are you one of those people who just want to get ‘there’ as quickly as possible no matter what. The ‘holiday’ only begins when you arrive.

When we do this, we miss a valuable lesson. Our journey should be something we enjoy just as much as the destination. If we’ve planned well, we should think about making the journey enjoyable, find interesting things to do along the way to pass the time. It’s the same as when we set goals, our actions should be enjoyable. If they are then we’ve more chance of achieving the goal because the process is something we will learn from.

Whether you are planning a trip, holiday or setting goals, ensure the journey and the actions are stimulating and pleasant, otherwise we lose a huge part of our personal and professional growth, don’t we?

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