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It’s all about building & maintaining relationships

What does building relationships mean?

Relationship building happens when the mutual understanding between or among individuals is increased and in a way that is of mutual benefit to all parties.

Some examples of this are as follows:

Creating a supportive environment for you, your employees, colleagues, clients and customers. Ensuring each interaction is memorable, positive, inspiring and motivational. Enjoying the process of creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all parties means relationships will get better and better

Positive feedback and acknowledging great work. If we make time to give positive feedback to others this will come back to you. By giving positive feedback to someone you can absolutely make their day, it’s like giving a gift, something special to them and costs absolutely nothing. Imagine how you feel when someone has ‘given’ this to you, giving back means it will come back to you in spades full.

Respect which means looking out for each other and helping where and when you can. By always looking to see how we can help another person not only makes us feel good but makes them feel good also. Others then are more inclined to reciprocate and do this to others and maybe yourself. Respect is what we all want and it starts with us giving it to others first.

Open and honest communication. By having good, regular communication, keeping in touch with people can be a great way of maintaining relationships and it doesn’t take much effort and the payback is huge. It makes both parties feel good. Making a call or sending an email can make someone’s day.

Mutual understanding. Through continually developing existing relationships and developing new relationships we can find those mutual interests, share mutual problems and celebrate our successes. How great is that?

What does building relationships mean for me and my business?





It means we will get to know new people, start to like those whom we’ve got to know which leads to us to trust them and when we do, we are more than likely to either use their services or products or refer them to others.

All in all – a win – win for all concerned.

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