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It’s All About Shifting Mindsets!

Whether we like it or not we can get stuck in a certain mindset which isn’t helpful for us as an individual or in our business.

How do we get ‘stuck’ and how do we get ‘unstuck’?

It’s going to be different if we are talking about ourselves personally or in business or work or whether we are talking about our business or organisation.

For us individually:

Firstly, we need to be aware that what our mindset is before being able to change it and want to change it to something better than where we are. Then we need to have a plan on how we can go about this, so we do achieve it. Lastly, we need to find a way to keep us on this track and not slip back into our old ways.

Steps to work through to shift mindsets:

  1. Consider and note our patterns, certain ways of behaviour or reactions, our thoughts and opinions and see if the outcomes we wanted we achieved
  2. When we determine the patterns of our past, we need to want to make that change and be open to make the change and commit to ensuring we keep to it
  3. If we then develop a plan or at least an outline of how we are going to do this, working on more detail as we go to ensure that our plan or goal is SMART
  4. Think about an incentive you can build in to help you keep going when things get tough; this is a great way to help keep you on track

As a business or organisation:

It needs to be more about purpose than making money or profit; focusing on healthy communication to encourage networking rather than ‘clicks’ or ‘unhealthy alliances’ or in larger organisations those hierarchies that seem to segregate and separate people; focus more on using the carrot rather than the stick i.e. empowering rather than controlling – this way people are more open to change and mindset shifts. Encouraging people to try new things and break out of ruts by being creative and experimenting with new ideas rather than sticking to same old planning meetings which never seem to make a difference. Ensuring everything is transparent so everyone can see what’s happening and moving away from secrecy and keeping things private which don’t bode well for a healthy organisation nor healthy mindsets.

Following the steps ahead whether for you as an individual or in business or work – if you want to make a mindset shift, it starts with us and finishes with us.

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