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It’s that time of year isn’t it?

Now is the time we need to be considering what we want to achieve personally and professionally whether in work or in business.

We do need to think about what we want the end result to be i.e. where do we see ourselves by the end of 2021.

We need to take into consideration what support we might need, what challenges we might face and what obstacles may get in your way.

We may need to upskill, this may be reading books or signing up to a course or workshop.

We might want to consider where we want to stretch ourselves, which areas are we less strong or knowledgeable in where we could minimise our lack of knowledge or reduce our weaknesses.

But, where to start? It may feel like a mammoth task, feeling like there’s a whole lot of ‘work’ to be done before you can even set those goals which likely as not may or will get treated as less a priority and something you may very well procrastinate on.

Like any big task, it’s about breaking things down into small doable tasks. To make things easier, following the SMART rule (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound) will help as not ticking all these boxes may result in your being less likely to achieve what you want.

  1. ACHIEVE – What are the top three things you want to achieve in 2021 either personally or professionally?
  2. ANTICIPATE – What are the top three challenges you anticipate that may prevent you from achieving what you want?
  3. LEARN – What is it you need to upskill on to be able to achieve what you want which help you address those challenges or obstacles you have identified?
  4. DEVELOPMENT – In what way do you want to stretch and grow yourself personally to be able to achieve your goals?
  5. BUDDY – To enable you to keep you on track so you remain accountable, you may want to consider engaging a coach or finding yourself a friend or colleague to do this with so you can be each other’s accountability buddies

Begin 2021 with gusto by planning what you want so you can make the very best of 2021 personally and professionally.

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