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Just Imagine…

  • Your business with extra professional attention
  • Support so you can strategically grow your business
  • Having help building a vision for how your business can look now and after the pandemic

Imagine having a qualified and experienced coach and mentor acting as an accountability buddy

Imagine having a support person to help you reassess your situation to create new opportunities

Imagine having someone providing you with the confidence to face new challenges ahead

Imagine having someone to help you find solutions to problems to focus on the best way forward.

It’s so hard to imagine the future of your business during these uncertain times, but we need to, don’t we? Doing nothing isn’t an option, but it’s hard to do something when we don’t know what the ‘something’ is that we should or need to do.

There are a few ways in which we can imagine our business:

  1. Consider possibilities – what’s plausible for you and your business; foster conversations with other business owners, or find a coach & mentor to work with you to help you to think outside the square
  2. Have double-vision – think short-term, this week or month and think medium-term, the near future, the next two / three months. Having this duplicate view helps you think more creatively (long-term may feel too much and might not be possible right now)
  3. Think in layers – high-level, is what the world might look like post COVID-19; medium-level, is considering how your business might fit in the current climate with changing needs and services and the economy changing as it is; low-level, is more of a personal and emotional view of what and how your business will interact with clients, customers and their needs

Working through the ways suggested above may help and assist you clarify how you might move forward to enable you to focus on steps you might want to take.

Imagine your future, definitely a yes!

However, instead of imagining having support from an accountability buddy, find someone who can work with you and support you during this difficult time.

Success Factor specialises in empowering business owners to grow their businesses.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from receiving COVID-19 Business Support, please ask them to contact Debs at

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