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Landing Place after COVID-19 TSUNAMI

It sometimes seems hard to remember ‘life before COVID-19’. A time when we’d never heard of it; it wasn’t a frequent daily reminder on radio, TV and internet. We can’t escape it even in our bubble haven. These constant reminders can be draining.

I see COVID-19 being like a Tsunami. A huge wave has crashed upon us, our lives, our family, our work, our business. It’s size is immeasurable. We have been picked up and carried against our will and without any control to a place unknown. Not knowing where we might land or what the world will look like when we do.

When we do land, and we will, we have to make the best of our new circumstances, our world, our views and current practices. We have to consider how our work routine or business services will change as a result to fit in and suit the new surroundings.

How can we do this?

  1. Like any of Mother Nature’s devastating incidents, whether it’s a landslide, earthquake, flood or fire, we have to re-start, re-focus and re-plan. We have to look around and see how we can work in a new way that will get the best outcome for our business or lives
  2. Like Mother Nature, after a volcano explosion covering hundreds of acres of land with lava, plants start to grow and birds, animals and mammals return. We like them can also sow seeds in the most difficult situations and grow in our new surroundings, drawing strength from those around us
  3. Like Mother Nature’s healing covers over previous devastation, we too will have new growth in ourselves, our work and our business, with in time, hardly any evidence of what happened before, just our memories
  4. Mother Nature’s seeds blow in the wind every day and seeds land in the most precarious of places, and yet they survive against all the odds. It’s just what they do, they don’t know any different. We too, like them, have to have that mindset that we will survive, we can do this, we can work together and create a great new world even stronger than we were before

Ride the Tsunami, and sow the seed wherever you land, growing into something new and exciting.

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