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Life is SO Complicated!

Life is SO Complicated!

I was reminded of the Kinks song – ‘Life is So Complicated’ whilst thinking about this month’s theme of Removing Obstacles.

What do we think of when we think about obstacles other than those things or blocks that prevent or hinder us from our own personal or professional progress?

Some of us may refer to obstacles as problems or difficulties that are a hindrance or barrier to getting things done, putting hurdles or obstructions in our way creating a blockage or stumbling block thus creating an obstruction preventing us achieving what we want in our personal or professional lives.

How easy is it for us to remove those obstacles and stop our lives from being SO complicated?

I believe we can overcome anything we want to. I recall as a child often saying, “I can’t do this”; my mum’s reply was “There is NO such word as can’t!” Whilst I didn’t appreciate it at the time she was right –  the word ‘can’t’ is in our mind created ONLY by us!

Obstacles are often created by us and in some cases caused by us, and if this is the case, then surely, we can reduce, remove or work around them.

After all anything is possible if we only try. We can do this by visualising what we want in our day, week, month or year, and imaging we already have accomplished what we want, enjoying that ‘good feel factor’ we have when we’ve achieved something.

Let’s uncomplicate our lives, cutting out the struggle and strife, alleviating those ‘things’ that get in our way!

Consider using this stepping stones:

  1. Outcome: Imagine it’s the end of a highly successful and profitable year
  2. Steps: Consider the steps you needed to take to achieve this outcome
  3. Obstacles: Reflect on any difficulties you had along the way
  4. Overcome: Think about how you overcame these and what you did

By working backwards from a successful point of having achieved, we can more easily see how those roadblocks can be overcome and in doing so can uncomplicate what we can currently see as a complicated life!

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