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Living to Your Values


Do you know what your personal values are?

Would you be able to reel these off if and when asked?

Do you live up to your personal values, or are they something you aspire to?


Does your business have core values?

Does your business uphold your values?

Could you define your business core values if you don’t have them?

What are our values?

Our personal values are our moral compass which help define us and help guide us through life. They may determine our friends, partners, behaviour and even decision-making.

Often, we are more aware of the values we hate or can’t stand. Those deal-breakers we absolutely won’t tolerate on any level, and sometimes this is the place to start, what we don’t want in our lives before we can determine what we do want in our lives.

When we do take time out to define our values and gain clarity of who we are and what makes us, this can be hugely rewarding and empowering because we can ‘see’ people and things the way they are which can give us signals – warning signals or reassuring signals.

If you are in business having business core values should be in alignment with personal values and be the business moral compass. These values will help determine what customers or clients we might work with, or what behaviour we might tolerate for example. They need to align with your target market. They also help potential clients and customers see what type of business we are and business owner. When recruiting staff, this can help choose the right people to fit the team and the culture of the business.

If you haven’t gotten your values clear, then perhaps you might want to try some of these steps.

  1. Determine what your values are and why – the why is very important – then put them in priority order and see what that looks like and feels like
  • Clarify whether these values are ones you already have or if they are aspirational values and how these might compare with any goals or actions you currently have, as they need to be in alignment
  • Look at your family, friends, work or business colleagues and see how many of them have similar or same values as yourself, and how much they are in alignment with you. This may help you realise why things have been good or not so good with personal or professional relationships
  • Once you’ve seen those you would ideally want in your life or circle of friends or colleagues you can now choose to spend more or less time with them. This way you are only spending your time with those who give you that ‘feel good factor’. This helps to build strong and healthy relationships
  • Finish with revisiting your goals and actions to ensure they fully align with your values and work towards living up to them and being honest with yourself

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