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Making Choices

  • Have you ever thought about how you make the choices you make?
  • Do you always see the choices you have, or do you look for obstacles?

Reason 1: Our fear of failure – We are so worried we might make the wrong decision or the wrong choice that we do nothing. Who decides what is a ‘wrong choice’ anyway? Is it the result or the outcome we measure this by, or the way we were made to feel after we made our choice?

Only we know what is best for us, what might be the right path for us to make, we know ourselves more than anyone else don’t we?

Reason 2: Our need to over-analyse things – How many of us over-think things constantly? We spend so long deliberating about so many choices and worrying about doing the wrong thing, making it much more complicated than it is. We need to focus our thoughts on the main points, key issues, and structure our thinking and then act.

Being stuck over-analysing things means we end up not doing anything, and not taking action isn’t going to move us forward, and if we don’t move forward then we don’t grow!

As Winston Churchill said: I never worry about action, but only inaction.”

Reason 3: Listening to Logic or Instinct – Which one do we listen to, head or heart, when each of them presents us with valid points, and different aspects.

Leading with the heart means we aren’t listening to logic, leading with the head means we aren’t taking our gut instinct into consideration! Isn’t it a wonder we end up not deciding on any of the choices at all?

But who said we need to listen to one or the other, can’t we as part of our deliberations listen to both, giving them equal input so we can make a balanced decision, weighing up the pros and cons to help us make our decision?

Making Choices:

  1. Listen to your positive self only and believe in your ability to make choices and banish those fears for good
  2. KISS – keep it simple stupid! Focusing on one or two choices only
  3. Be instinctive, logical and open-minded to enable you to take action now!
  4. Focus on the outcome, how you will benefit from the action you’re about to make

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