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Making Your Life Beautiful

Haven’t you ever thought about the things that make your life beautiful?

I read something very recently that had four different things to look at.

The first one was to look back, the second one, look forward, the third one look around and the fourth one to look within.

When I go through these, they tell me something. It’s a good thing to look back because when we do, we can look back on what we’ve done. Whether this was a positive experience or a negative experience, whether it helped us or not, whether it’s become baggage or whether it’s taught us a really good lesson that’s helped us to build strategies to help us going forward.

Looking back can be a really positive thing. But it can also be a negative thing. So if we do look back, let’s use our experience as a learning. We are learning every day and treat it as a positive rather than a negative.

When we look forward, we’re planning we’re creative. It’s what we hope for the future. This is where our vision or goals or dreams are. And this is where we might get inspiration and where we might feel motivated to do new things and try different things.

But we do also need to look around because when we do we make a reality check. And doing a reality check means that we have to be very specific about what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, how we’re doing it, and who is going do it.

To enable us to do that, one thing that’s helpful is to set goals, and if we write goals down, we make them real. So doing a reality check is writing down what we want to do and how we’re going do it, breaking these down into steps.

By doing this we reduce the possibility of setting ourselves up to fail. What we do is by writing it down, we’re committing to that goal or action making it easier for ourselves.

If we look inside ourselves, we can find self-belief self-motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. We can do these things, but sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Sometimes we are the obstacle that holds us back.

If you find that you’re like that, then maybe when you do look back and think about the experiences that you’ve had, perhaps what you can do is to think about all those things you’ve done really well, those times when you have had confidence to step outside your comfort zone and where you have succeeded. So trying to look within and find that confidence to help you achieve your aspirations.

Looking back, looking forward, looking around and looking within helps us make our life beautiful and enables us to lay our foundations and reach our horizons.

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