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Making Your Own Magic!

  • Pull yourself together!
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
  • Just move on and get over it!

I’m sure you’ve heard all these expressions before and perhaps even had these said to you! I know I have!

I want to focus on the importance of positive self-talking and how using this technique can, will and does help.

We all go through periods of time when we doubt our abilities and question our judgement often telling ourselves we can’t do this or handle that.

I have found that when I do things that are new to me and outside my comfort zone then the doubts creep in which start changing my persona from a confident person to a person with self-doubt and self-belief.

What happens to our thinking to make us start to feel so negative and overwhelmed?

Well apart from the physical symptoms that we can all feel when we are put in these situations, or when we push ourselves into these situations, we have those mental images and that negative voice that chatters away non-stop, interfering with our thoughts, our work, and worse still our sleep.

I have found that giving myself a ‘Pep Talk’ can really help me shift my thinking from feeling negative to positive.

I would like to share with you some strategies I’ve used in the past and some which I share with my clients.

1. Eliminating those negative thoughts with positive ones

2. Developing your own Personal Positive Affirmations

3. Eliminating words like I can’t with I can or I will

4. Staying true to yourself – manage your inner communication

5. Moving from being pessimistic to optimistic

Following these and trying to practice these every day will work, it’s about being kind to yourself and giving yourself some ‘slack’.

You have to really know you can do this, say those positive words and believe in them, believe in what you are saying and mostly believe in yourself.

Be present, be powerful, be focused and you will feel confident and empowered and move forward in a positive way with only positive thoughts.

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