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Managing Challenges Whilst Working Remotely

Are you feeling demotivated due to reduced income and lack of work?

Are you feeling like a rudderless ship riding a stormy sea?

Are you feeling disconnected from others during lockdown?

These are some of many remote working challenges that face all of us during these unprecedented times.

Creating a clear vision – becoming an optimist:

Trying to build in a structure into your days to help you rebuild a new or revised vision of where you see you or your business being in the longer-term.

This is a challenge as we are working from a blank canvas with an unknown future, but hanging onto the knowledge that we are all going to require services from each other, and whilst at the moment during lockdown it feels like everything will remain as it is right now, logically we know that things will get better, it will just take time, we just need to take small steps trying to remain as positive as we can.

Using the opportunity of time which we have at the moment to revisit or clarify our vision for our business is something we may never have again, and whilst it’s been imposed on us, we would be silly not to grasp that opportunity with both hands and just get started.

Staying connected with others:

It’s a challenge not to focus on how much we are disconnected from everyone, instead to use the wonderful technology we have available to us to connect with as many people we can from the comfort of our own home.

There are many webinars, some of which are even free, that we may consider joining to hear from other people what they are doing. Now is the time to work together with others in the same industry knocking down those ‘competitor’ walls and look at how you might be able to work together in a collaborative way. We need to trust there is and will be plenty of work to go around.

Maybe now is the time you can join a coaching group or networking group, all of which can be done virtually.

Trying to remain motivated:

This is indeed quite a challenge particularly if we have no structure in our days and there is no separation between weekdays and weekends.

Consider starting a new project, course or hobby that excites and inspires you. This may be something you used to do in the past or wished you had the time to do but never did. Either way, finding something to get those motivation juices flowing to keep you inspired to focus on work or business activities between times.

Writing down the great things from each day in a diary or journal so you can keep a record of these on days and during times when you are feeling demotivated.

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