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Motivation and Purpose

Do you know what motivates you?

Motivation means “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving a particular way”, however we behave in a particular way because of what motivates us (or not) and how happy and content we are in the job we are doing.

To be motivated, we need to have an incentive or a stimulus that truly inspires us to reach our destination, achieve our goal, or grow our business.

If we start losing our way, then we lose our purpose, our direction, and therefore our motivation.

Purpose means “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

It’s an intended or desired result, an aim or goal. To achieve our goals, we need to have a purpose so need to be determined, be resolute in keeping our eyes fixed ahead or on the ball.

Having a sense of purpose shows commitment and conviction to carry out the task or job in hand.

Being clear what motivates us requires us to understand our purpose. When we understand our purpose, we become inspired, determined to conquer any barriers or obstacles in our way.

How can we help ourselves be more motivated?

Here are five tips to assist you:

  1. Be organised – we need to prepare ourselves for the task ahead and be mentally and physically ‘in the zone’ to enable us to be focused on what we want to achieve
  2. Be passionate – we need to ensure our goals resonate with our personal values and our values correlate with our business values to truly feel enthusiastic about what we’re doing
  3. Be Authentic – we must be true to ourselves, so others can see us as being dependable, doing what we say we are going to do; we need to be reliable and steadfast in keeping our focus and direction
  4. Be reflective – Self-reflection helps us look at ourselves; we must work hard to understand ourselves, what makes us tick, how we work under pressure and stress and how this affects or might affect those whom we work with
  5. Be positive – we need to be optimistic, steer away from any pessimistic thoughts, look for solutions not problems, see obstacles as challenges – this encourages us to be constructive in our thoughts and actions

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