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New Mindset – New Results!

A mindset is a belief or self-perception we hold about ourselves. Our mindset governs our behaviour, how we feel, our attitude and our outlook of how we see ourselves now and in the future.

When we are set in a negative mindset, nothing can change our viewpoint or opinion, we seem locked in our ways and our beliefs that what we believe is the truth, and we truly belief we are unable to change.

There are two mindsets, a positive and a negative. Having a positive mindset is a great habit to have as we can keep focused and have a clear direction in the belief that we will succeed, and nothing will get in our way.

Unfortunately, a negative mindset has the opposite effect, and can be the road to disaster, causing us to be miserable and feel we will never be successful in anything we do. We listen to those negative voices in our head which shatter our confidence causing us to doubt ourselves and our capabilities.

Here are some steps to assist in changing a negative mindset to a positive mindset:

  1. Changing the channel to positive self-talk – Sometimes it’s hard to turn the negative voices off in our heads, and if this is the case, then work towards neutralising them, for every negative statement you hear, repeat out loud a positive statement
  2. Find the positive people – First we need to avoid the ‘negative nellies’, steer clear of those with the negative attitudes or those who doubt our abilities; instead surround ourselves with positive people; find inspiring people on the internet and hear what they have to say

  3. Focus on your strengths – When we are feeling negative all we can do is focus on what we’re not good at rather than what we are good at; recalling those times where we’ve had success, or better still imaging we already are successful and enjoying being ‘in the moment’ of having achieved

  4. Bringing back the trust in yourself – If we can’t trust ourselves, then who can we trust? We need to bring this back, find our self-belief, it hasn’t disappeared, we just lost it for a moment, but with the right mindset and frame of mind we can believe in ourselves again

  5. Say YES I can! – Sometimes just saying something out loud helps; constantly repeating we can do something repeatedly until eventually we do believe what we are saying!

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