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No buts….

No buts….

I love books, don’t you?

Some books I read for pleasure and some I read for learning and widening my horizons. You might be the same.


What do we do with what we have learned?

Many e-books or audio books are full of amazing and helpful tips and tools to help and motivate us, to enable us to make positive changes in our lives.


Do we follow through?

Do we make those changes or do we ‘intend’ to make those changes but never do?

It reminds me of going to a seminar or a workshop and coming away inspired and invigorated, revved up with a desire to take what we have heard and do something with it!

Unfortunately, most of us, get back to the real world, back to our everyday lives and whilst the intention is there the energy isn’t or we forget, remembering only at those inopportune times, for example, in the middle of the night or when we’re driving home!

Did you know that the most successful people have mentors or coaches?

Did you realise that being accountable WILL help you to be the person you want to be!


If we can’t do this ourselves via self-help or motivational books, then how can we help ourselves be the successful person we want to be?

Engaging a coach or mentor works – ask anyone who has used one or is using one!

Look at those people whom you most aspire to be, and you will see that most if not all have engaged in sometimes more than one coach or mentor.

Sometimes we just need to have someone there to keep us on track, keep us motivated and focused, helping us decide which path to take and assist with making those tough decisions. It might just be to keep us going through those tough times when we really lack confidence in ourselves or our self-belief disappears during those difficult times.

If you’re reading or listening to books and not following through, then consider making the decision to have yourself held accountable!

You know what to do! No buts…

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