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Now’s the time to take that mental holiday!

It’s times like these when we struggle with not being able to do what we want. Travel overseas, visit friends and family far away.

We might not be able to take a proper holiday, however, we could take a ‘mental holiday’!

Find yourself somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit and relax and shut your eyes and start picturing yourself beginning your holiday.

This might start from the planning of the holiday or the day you’re packing to leave, really feeling that excitement of your forthcoming journey.

Then imagine you’ve arrived at your destination. This might be somewhere hot with blue skies, crystal blue seas and white sands with your ‘villa’ overlooking tranquil views.

For some, this might be a hard exercise to do, trying to let our imagination take us somewhere, but stay with it. When you succeed it’s one of the most relaxing exercises you can do.

You might wonder why I’ve asked you to do this exercise!

If we think about what our day to day lives are often like. Fraught with challenges, problems, obstacles and issues that we have to deal with. We can’t get these out of our minds as much as or as hard as we try.

Even when we go to bed to sleep, these flash in front of our minds and seem so very real we just can’t get them out of our head.

If it’s hard to stop these mental images and thoughts, then you might find it hard to start imagining something like a mental holiday.

Practicing this technique of stopping thinking about problems and trying to think of nice things is a great way of coaching our minds to move our focus to something more positive rather than dwelling on negative things particularly at time when we can’t do anything about them.

So try taking a mental holiday and see if you can use this process and exercise to practice stop thinking about the things you want to and start thinking about more positive things. Treat is as though it’s a game and you will not only find it easier but even have fun!

Enjoy your mental holiday wherever that may be!

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