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Old Life – New Life

COVID-19 has changed our ‘norm’ as we know it.

We feel like we’re living in a ‘limbo’ state, not knowing what the future holds and trying to exist and function in isolation as we keep our social distancing.

This can make us feel we have lost our bearings, our compass and our direction.

We are steering a rudderless ship in stormy waters not knowing what’s over the crest of the next huge wave coming towards us.

How might we try and keep grounded, focused and find some sort of direction and motivate ourselves to creating a new footing in our ‘soon to be’ new world?

Find Direction – we need to be clear where we are going; this is hard when we might be struggling to focus and to concentrate, we may feel lost and unable to achieve.

Taking small steps considering what are the first actions we might be able to take over the next couple of weeks to see us through lockdown.

Managing Isolation – it’s easy to hide away pretending the changing world won’t affect us, but we do need to be proactive in reaching out for help as well as to connect with others in our industry or social group to interact on a positive level.

Self-motivation – it’s hard to answer what self-motivates us but being in self-isolation really tests this for us as individuals in that we get to know ourselves more in a stressful situation. Learning about what self-motivates us and being clear what things really spark our interest and generates a need to try something new is a good place to start.

Being productive – when the days blend into each other and seem endless we need to fill our days with productive things to do. Creating variety in our days can help provide those boundaries we need to help us achieve. Creating positive habits which support us personally and in business can help.

Be connected – when we feel disconnected from others it’s a huge demotivator. We need to create online groups with our contact sphere, buddy up with someone, engage a coach, virtually meet people socially is hugely inspirational

If we pace ourselves, creating a loose structure in our days; dividing week days and weekends to break the weeks up, is a great start, but we most of all need to reach out and ask for help if we need it, uniting together as one and we’ll be a stronger force.

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