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Opening the Envelope of Change

When I ask people what they think of change, most think of it as a negative word rather than a positive word – why is this?

  • Have you had bad experiences with change being imposed on you in an organisation you have worked for?
  • Have you had to make changes in your work or home environment due to health or financial reasons?

I’m sure many of us can think of many occasions where change has been a ‘hurdle’ we’ve had to jump, or a decision that’s been uncomfortable for us to make, but have you ever thought about why change itself gave us the bad feeling it does?

More often than not, change makes us feel insecure, develop fear, fear of the unknown, scared of what might be to come.

I would like you to share with you some strategies I have created for myself in the past and for clients which might give you some ideas for any changes which might be heading your way!

1.   Another Perspective – Imagine that you are working with someone in your family, work, or perhaps a friend with what is effectively ‘your’ situation, ‘your’ impending change. What objective ideas might you offer, what suggestions might you offer for working through the issues in a calm and methodical way. It’s interesting that when asked of others we can think strategically, practically and positively, and yet when we are in the middle of our ‘emotional dilemma’ we can’t see the wood for the trees.

2.   Writing it Down – Often when we are dealing with an emotional change our thoughts go haywire and spiral out of control. Take time out to write everything down, all your fears, thoughts, worries and concerns and then read them through. It’s interesting that when we read the written word they seem less severe and smaller than the crazy thoughts that were in our heads

3.   Develop the Way Forward – Once you’ve written the thoughts down then work through the ideas from #1 working towards having clear steps and actions to take and developing practical ways of keeping positive. Working towards a positive and exciting future with new opportunities.



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