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Our Past and Our Future

I recently saw a quote by Daphne Rose Kingma which read “Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future”.

This conjured up all sorts of images visually for me as there is so much that can be teased out from this quote.

We are often trapped in our past because and due to all sorts of things and for various reasons, making it hard to break free and focus on the future.

Focusing on the future can also be tarnished because of our experiences, particularly bad or unpleasant ones, which taint our view, opinion and picture of our potential future.

These thoughts, whether looking back or forward are riddled with ways in which we see the world, and which can often be the reason we make wrong, or misjudged decisions, or even avoid certain people, events, or tasks.

If we agree that the only thing we can change is our present, as the past has gone and the future has yet to come, let’s look at what we can do right now to view our future in the best way we can.

As I see it, the first thing we need to do to avoid ‘holding onto the past’ is to let go of it, look at why we are stuck. Why we can’t move on and why is it still with us. Why are we thinking about it and letting it affect our present? We have to start there before we can look to the future.

Once we’ve unpicked what’s keeping us stuck, we have the ability of ‘letting go’ as we realise there IS a future for us.

I would suggest, the next step then is determining what our future might look like, identifying if there are any underlying currents from our past skewing our vision. Asking questions of ourselves and being honest can only help us really determine if we are still holding onto the past or letting go and focusing on our future.

Why not take some time out today and consider this and see if you can let go of your past and focus on a better future.

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