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Pausing to Reflect

Could we have ever imagined things would be as they are and will be for the short, medium and perhaps long-term.

Given all the changes that have taken place over the last three months or so have caused us all to reflect on our situations, what has happened and what might happen.

What I’ve heard from some clients is that they haven’t felt as productive as they normally are, feeling more emotional and tired.

For other clients, what would have seemed totally impossible or unworkable i.e. working from home, and been a struggle to start with, oddly has started to become more manageable and felt to be better than before, with some really enjoying less travel for example.

We’ve moved from a solid platform to shifting sands which has caused us all, I’m sure, to reflect on ourselves, our relationships, highlight our weaknesses and strengths which have come to the fore just managing each, day, week and month.

We at times have questioned how things have changed, and so rapidly, and why this has happened to us, particularly if it’s affected us personally, or professionally.

What we often may not have appreciated is that the largest part of our daily lives are mostly habitual, and that we do the majority of things on auto-pilot.

However, for the last few months with so many changes happening in every aspect of our lives, we’ve had to think and re-think what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, constantly having to revise and refine plans and procedures, and ways of working to ‘fit’ in with our new working circumstances.

Whilst we’re amongst so much change, it’s important to pause to reflect on where we’re at; is our destination still the same; is what we want still the same; is what we think and feel still the same.

Now, we have an opportunity to:

  1. Re-assess our embedded beliefs in the way we work
  2. Re-frame our capabilities and how we manage change
  3. Re-think our mindset to view our lives more flexibly
  4. Review our assumptions and start questioning things more
  5. Revise our plans and destinations to adjust our journey

If we imagine ourselves moving from what was our normal routine or rut, stuck in rail-tracks, and instead see ourselves in the water swimming, flowing in the current, enabling us to be able to ‘go with the flow’ more; and whilst we still need to aim for ‘safe harbour’, how we get there can be movable.

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